Double eyelid surgery by surgeons are only experienced ophthalmologists for natural-looking beauty.

Small Incision Blepharoplasty

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Cases of Small Incision Blepharoplasty by inZ clinic

Small Incision Blepharoplasty by inZ clinic

This double eyelid surgery is performed through a tiny incision of 3-5 mm, suturing the crease permanently without removing the excess eyelid. So, the wound is small, easy to take care of, with not much swelling and bruising. It takes less recovery time and can remove the fat, providing the natural-looking double eyelid.

Small Incision Blepharoplasty is suitable for whom?

Small Incision Blepharoplasty is ideal for young person having little excess eyelid and mild blepharoptosis. It takes little time to recover so; you can go back to work instantly. For those who always use double eyelid tape, this technique will easily save your time from taping the eyelid.

Small Incision Blepharoplasty procedures

Small Incision Blepharoplasty starts with the anesthetic injection into the upper eyelid, cutting its skin 3-5 mm where the doctor sees appropriate for the desired shape of the beautiful crease. The laser will also be applied to help cutting open the wound and stop the bleeding, resulting in very little bruising. Fat removal will be properly performed and for those who have plump and fatty eyelids; the fat can be greatly excised. A very small surgical thread will be used to suture the permanent crease and then stitch up the wound.

The outcome of double eyelid surgery also depends on the technique and doctor’s expertise.

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