Baggy eyelid removal (Lower Blepharoplasty)

Baggy eyelid removal (Lower Blepharoplasty)
It is a surgery to excise baggy eyelid which can be performed both inside and outside eyelid margin. The former technique leaves the exterior no wound, suitable for a person who has mild baggy eyelid and does not need to remove the excess eyelid whereas the latter leaves the wound at the external lower eyelid margin which is suitable for a person who has severe baggy eyelid and need to remove the excess eyelid.

Useful information of Lower Blepharoplasty procedures
An anesthetic will be injected into the lower eyelid. In this regard, the laser will also be applied to stop the bleeding. If the aged patient has lower lid ligamentous laxity, the lateral canthopexy will be simultaneously performed to correct the lateral hooding and prevent the ectropion as well as to reduce the wrinkles at the lower eyelid.  

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