Medial Epicanthoplasty

 Medial Epicanthoplasty
It is an eyelid plasty at the epicanthal fold to expand the medial canthus and lengthen the eye shape which is often performed concurrently with a double eyelid surgery to achieve the beautiful and natural-looking double eyelid pattern or for the person who has undergone a double eyelid surgery but still has large epicanthal fold or wrinkles at the medial canthus.     


Medial Epicanthoplasty is suitable for whom?
Medial epicanthoplasty is suitable for a person who has large epicanthal fold and would like to have longer eyes or parallel eyelid crease. On this point, the doctor will evaluate each patient’s medial epicanthoplasty and necessity differently as everyone has various preference for the shape of double eyelid crease.  

 Useful information of Medial Epicanthoplasty procedures 
Medial epicanthoplasty begins with the anesthetic injection into the medial canthus and then the doctor will perform the surgery at the epicanthal fold. There will be the wound size of about 2 mm which is very small at the medial canthus area and will eventually fade.

Each doctor has different medial epicanthoplasty technique regarding the wound and the shape of double eyelid.  

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